North West of Israel – Single Day Tour

We start in Caesarea: We see the beautiful theater, famous Pontius Pilate stone, the Herodian

city, the Hippodrome, the most beautiful mosaics of the Byzantine bath, walk along the

Mediterranean sea in the Hippodrome, Where we understand what Flavius meant sayng “in Ceasarea you can watch the horse races, and at the same time watch the sun setting in the blue sea”. We walk into the crusader’s city.

Drive to Haifa, have a wonderful view of Haifa, Haifa Bay and Bahai gardens from mount Carmel. Continue to

Akko: The city of the crusaders. The Hospitalers fort and center, the headquarters of Ahmed Jizar

Pascha, the active and living market, walking on the crusaders walls. Continue to

Zippory: The most wonderful mosaics of the “Mona Lisa of the Galilea” in the Roman villa, the nile mosaic,  the amazones hunting and celebrating mosaic, the cardo of the city.

Possible to make changes. Price offer can be made after planning the itinerary, also depending on date of tour.

Can start any day, all guests get hearing device for hearing the guide absolutely clear, free

water for the whole tour.