Tel Dan, Banyans and The mountain Son of the Dew

A tour to Tel Dan, Banyas (Caesarea Phillippe from the New Testament) and

the mountain Son of the Dew.

We start at a small forest, with the main springs of the Jordan, see an ancient

flour mill that worked until recently, then go to the archeological part where we see an original altar about 3000 years old, built by the tribe Dan, rest of a gigantic

city wall, an Alevite village of today half in Israel and half in Lebanon, functioning, the only mud gate in the world from 1500 B.C., city gates from 1000 B.C., the

seat of the city ruler siting as judge in the gate of the city judging his peoples. Next to him is a seat for the elders of the city, to control his judgements and to ensure

that only justice is made.


Then to Caesarea Phillippe, the place where Jesus said to Peter:”you are the rock upon which I will build my church”.

Then to the 1100 Meters high hill named “son of the dew”, with a fantastic view over the present Syrian border.

We can finish at a winery, and taste the unique Golan wine.

The itinerary can be changed according to the wish of the guests. After the itinerary has been set, the date and pick up place have been decided, I can offer a price.

The price includes free water, and a headset so every one can hear me clearly.