Tour to Masada and dead sea

We descend from the hills of Jerusalem (+800 Meters above sea level) to the Dead Sea, (-400 Meters blow sea level)

Meters below sea level.

We start with a short visit to Qumran, where the first Dead Sea Scrolls were found, the center of the Essenes.





We can continue to the Ahava factory, the first to produce unique cosmetic products with the Dead Sea minerals.

We reach Masada fort and go up via the cable car. We see the two palaces that Herod built there, the gigantic wall he built,

the ramp the Romans built in order to get into the fort, at the time of the siege, 73a.d., we can see very clearly the Roman

camps around the fort.

After coming down, with the cable car, we can visit the museum there, where we can see the 10 “lots”.

After a light lunch, we continue to an official bathing shore, where we can experience the feeling of floating on the water,

with no movement!

Itinerary can be changed accorging to wishes. After fixing the itinerary, date and place of pick up, I can make a price offer. My price includes free water and headsets so everybody can hear me clearly.