Study tour of Jerusalem

We start our tour driving on a most beautiful road to the stalagmite and stalactite

cave in the Judean hills.

After visiting this unique cave, sculptured by nature like no artist can, we

continue to the famous 12 glass windows painted by the famous Marc Chagall. They

are in an active synagogue in the Hadassah hospital in Ein-Carem, showing the blessing of Jakob to his 12 sons.

We continue to the Israel museum, where we see a model of Jerusalem in the year

+66 in an exact scale of 1:50, the famous Dead Sea scrolls, and a guided tour through the huge fascinating

archeological department, where I always try to understand, what did the peoples eat, drink, think and want 2000 years ago?

This tour can be adjusted and changed according to the wishes of the guests, for instance, we can visit the historical study museum in the tower of David instead of soemething else.

Price offer will be given after itinerary is set and date and place of pick up have been fixed.

The price includes free water through the tour and headsets so the guests can hear me perfectly.