I am a state authorized tour guide, have a state licensed tourist van with 7+1 seats, driver and guide

I guide all over the country.

With me you can see all known highlights of Jerusalem, like the Holy Sepulcher, the wailing wall, Via Dolorosa, hall of the last supper, mount of olives, Gethsemane, the pool of Bethesda, and also the not so usual highlights like the stalagmite-stalactite cave, the Mark Chagall windows, the Kennedy memorial, the tomb of Arthur Rubinstein. You can visit Yad Vashem, the Israel museum with a guiding through the fascinating archeological department, a tour through the King David Tower museum, the burnt house, the broad wall. You can have a walk over the walls of the old city, or a walk through the Hezekiah tunnel, a visit to the city of David.

In the north you can visit Akko, the fascinating city of the crusaders, Nazareth, Tiberias, the sea of Galilea, the fascinating Tel Dan reserve, Haifa, Baron Rothschild’s unique gardens, some wineries, Caesarea, Bahai gardens at Akko and more.

In the south you can visit with me the Ben-Gurion branch of the Be’er Sheva university dealing with life in the desert, visit fish farms in the desert, wineries and olive trees in the desert, and more.


I make every trip tailored to the guest. Every tour can be changed according to the wishes of the guests. I communicate with him/her by phone, email skype etc., in order to understand his/her interests, and then we make together an itinerary that suits them.  I accompany them through the whole trip.